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Letzride Ride on Battery Operated QUTE Giant Jeep for 1 to 4 Year Kids/Girls/Boys/Children/Toddlers to Drive, Red

Letzride Ride on Battery Operated QUTE Giant Jeep for 1 to 4 Year Kids/Girls/Boys/Children/Toddlers to Drive, Red

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(L)101cm (W)64cm (H)67cm, Weight - 10.5 Kg




Red Battery operated-08

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  • Swing Function, Front And Reverse Gear, Two Speakers, Door Opens both Side, Remote Control And Self Driven.
  • One of a kind jeep in this segment equipped with 4 motors which gives more power and more speed. All the 4 tires are equipped with power motor.
  • Ride on jeep is electric rechargeable, it comes with 2x6v batteries which will run for 45mins to 1:25 hours after full charge of 5-6 hours
  • Kids will drive this jeep manually using foot accelerator and parents can control the jeep with the help of Bluetooth remote control.
  • This battery operated jeep is suitable for 1 to 4 year kid jeep with weight carrying capacity of 35kgs.
  • While driving kids can listen to their favorite music by connection their own device as it is compatible with aux, pen drive and sd card

Electric Kids Rechargeable Battery Operated Jeep for Kids with all the features. This jeep id ideal for kids of age 1 to 4 Years and with weight carrying capacity of 35kgs. 907 Battery jeep comes with 4 motors in each wheel which gives more power to jeep. It is an ideal jeep for your children to drive as it will give realistic experience of driving a real jeep, jeep has steering for direction control and accelerator pedal for forward, backward motion. Ride on jeep equipped with swing option also to have rocking features when car is not moving. Jeep can be run on any flat surface and it can be controlled by parents via Bluetooth remote control with in a range of 20. This jeep has working led lights in front. Kid can sit freely and safely in this jeep as it comes with safety seat belt.

Have Full Control!  The SUV comes with a remote control that allows the adult to have complete control over the steering wheel and pedal. If your little one doesn’t need to be remotely directed, simply turn the option Off by pressing a single button on the vehicle. 

Perfect Pace! Not Too Fast & Not Too Slow. At 6 Km/Hour maximum speed, they’ll be thrilled to the point where they won’t want their ride to end, yet slow enough to enjoy the stroll. There are 3 speed options for you to choose from on the controller. 

Not Just an Ordinary Drive….. Preloaded with some tunes, your little one will enjoy a fantastic experience every time!


Take A Night Drive! The LED headlights stay on as long as the SUV is turned “ON”.

Safety First! A seatbelt is pre-installed so that they are secured in the vehicle. The controller also has an emergency button to stop the vehicle.

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