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Letzride Z4 Kids Battery Operated Car with Music, Safety Belt, Led Lights and Bluetooth Remote- Electric Rechargeable Ride on car for Children of Age 1 to 4 Years (Metallic Black)

Letzride Z4 Kids Battery Operated Car with Music, Safety Belt, Led Lights and Bluetooth Remote- Electric Rechargeable Ride on car for Children of Age 1 to 4 Years (Metallic Black)

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Experience the thrill of Ayaan Toys 12V Battery Operated Ride On in vibrant red. With a powerful 12V battery, this ride-on toy provides hours...


L-‎95 x W-30 x H-34 cm; Weight - 10 kg





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  • Now a days, kids spend too much time indoors, playing video games or scribbling on their phones. Instead, get them a ride-on and they’ll jump up in excitement at the prospect of heading outdoors. While technology is ushering a wave of convenience, electric ride-on are a great way to battle laziness and inspire adventure. They facilitate better childhood memories outdoors, with friends and socializing with other kids in their sweet ride.
  • This battery car is suitable for kids of age 1 to 5 Years and ride on car has a weight carrying capacity of 35kgs Battery operated car comes with 2x6v Battery and two motors in rear wheels. It will work for 45mins to 1:25 hours after full charge
  • Kids will love to drive this electric car manually and parents can control through Bluetooth Remote.
  • While riding kids can listen to their favorite music by connecting their own device, as mp3 player of car is compatible with aux, pen drive and sd card This battery car is proudly Made in India and have passed all the safety standards according to Indian Safety Regulations
  • With greater freedom, a child’s sense of independence and self-esteem greatly increases. Along with critical thinking and discovery. Especially as they tour their environment with new found self- confidence from a different viewpoint. In fact, surroundings such as a park or garden enthusiastically encourages kids to investigate and enquire.
  • Safe to ride comes with three point safety belt and built with strong pvc material
  • Z4 car for kids is 12v battery operated and loaded with two motors which give great power to the ride on car. It comes with 2. 4 ghz Bluetooth remote with a range of 15m
  • Ride on car have realistic dashboard with front back speed switch, swing switch and music system compatible with aux, pen drive and memory card. Z4 ride on car have front and back working lights
  • Battery operated ride on car is suitable for kids of age 2 to 7 years and can carry weight upto 40kgs. Charging time: 6-7hrs
  • Running time: 1 hr
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Black

Aayan toys Mercedes Z4 mini sedan car. This stunning electric ride on car for kids packed with amazing features, This sedan car has push start button on the dashboard. Es with single battery and single motor. It can be operated with remote control or manually with an electronic foot accelerator, which also functions as a brake when the foot is off the accelerator pedal. It is spacious fordable car with easy handling. Operating instructions - charge it full every time for like 8to10 hours and it will run for 3to4 hrs. Charge the battery fully every time. It takes 8 -10 hours for a full charge. Run time on a full charge is up to 1. 5 to 2 hours depending on the child weight and if used continuously. If the speed icing slow, do not use the car as the battery charge is getting low. Safety advice - in the interests of your child's safety and the safety of others, we must ensure that you fully understand them ended guidelines for these products. Do not tamper with the electrical circuits and wiring of the car. Requires self assembly.

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